Computer Controlled Shaker Technology

The 1088 logs per tree, per bin, & per row yield info of your orchard!
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Dump your bins ALL the way!

The Schieler Harvester Bin Inverter dumps bins a complete 180°!
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Eliminate Sweeping From Your Almond Orchard!

The Schieler Harvester 1088 can harvest almonds without sweeping!
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Almond Harvesting Solution

We proudly introduce a new solution to almond harvesting with our Schieler Almond Harvesting Solution!

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Instead of traditionally shaking the almonds to the ground, the nuts are shook into the catching frame of the Schieler Harvester Tree Crop Harvester.
Equipped with the Almond Windrow Attachment, the harvester lays an even windrow of almonds in the center of the row, ready to be picked up after drying.  The attachment can quickly be added to our older model 988 and also our new computer controlled 1088 Tree Crop Harvester.

After catching the almonds, the harvester blows out nearly all leaves and debris.  Sticks are removed automatically by the harvester's stick remover.  The almonds are then collected in a holding hopper.
From there, the almonds are automatically dispensed at ground speed in an even, continuous swath behind the harvester.
Clean almonds are left in the center of the rows where they can dry faster and have a far less chance of developing mold or mildew.  Pickup machines can pick up the nuts nearly twice as fast, and will create far less dust.
The windrow can be adjusted to any width to accommodate pickup machines.  Since the windrow has no dirt, leaves, or sticks, a swath up to 4" thick has no trouble drying.
As depicted in these last two pictures, you can clearly see sweeper machines not only create dangerous dust conditions, they gather more trash in the windrow than they gather your crop!  A clean windrow will save you time, wear and tear, and money!
The new Schieler Harvester 1088 costs approximately the same as an almond harvester and a sweeper, but it will harvest your crop faster and cost you far less in the field.   And unlike your old equipment, the 1088 can harvest much more than just your almonds. It harvests prunes, pistachios, and peaches faster, cheaper, and better than any other shaker available.

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