Computer Controlled Shaker Technology

The 1088 logs per tree, per bin, & per row yield info of your orchard!
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Dump your bins ALL the way!

The Schieler Harvester Bin Inverter dumps bins a complete 180°!
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Eliminate Sweeping From Your Almond Orchard!

The Schieler Harvester 1088 can harvest almonds without sweeping!
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Schieler Harvester

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Almond Harvesting Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The swath the Schieler Harvester leaves behind looks too wide for my pick-up machine.  Will I have to make more than one pass? 

A: Not at all; If you prefer a wider swath, you can still pick-up the almonds in one pass with a pick-up machine by attaching two simple hydraulic brushes on either side of the throat of your pick-up machine.  We have found that a narrow, deep swath eliminates the need for any modifications to pickup machines altogether.  Most would first assume a deep swath would never dry, however extensive harvesting with the 1088 has found a swath as much as 4" deep has absolutely no trouble drying!  That's because there is no trash or dirt in the swath!

Q: Isn't The Schieler Harvester slower than a boom shaker? 

A: No, actually the 1088 can harvest about the same speed.  Even a first season driver can harvest a steady 4 trees a minute, with no trouble.  Some boom shaker manufactures make claims to 5 trees a minute, but our calculations are based on daily acreage, not just one row.  Besides, it takes far more time to sweep your almonds, and over twice as long to pick them up.  With the Schieler Harvester 1088, your crop will be at the huller while conventional machines are still in the field.

Q: Can this machine harvest my big trees? 

A: Yes, as long as the trees are small enough to be shook at the trunk  
and not the limbs.  There are some orchards we have seen where the crotches are too low for a catching type machine and some trees were leaning too much. Most of the new orchards we have seen, growers are doing a much better job of starting the trees out with straight trunks and higher crotches.  We have plans to introduce a machine that will harvest even the biggest of Almond trees if there is a demand for it.

Q: What about nuts that are already on the ground?  

A: You must begin harvesting just before the nuts start to fall. If you have sprinklers the maturity will be very uniform throughout the orchard.  Many varieties shake better when the nuts are greener as they have more weight.  If you flood irrigate and have some wet spots that sometimes need a second shake, it is very easy for the 1088 to shake a few trees and hold the nuts in the hopper while moving on to another wet spot, and so on.  When the hopper gets full, it can be unloaded all in one place so the pick-up machine doesn't have to drive all over the orchard to  
pick up the nuts.