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The Schieler Harvester Bin Inverter dumps bins a complete 180°!
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The Schieler Harvester 1088 can harvest almonds without sweeping!
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Bin Inverter Sequence Valve Adjustment

When the bin inverter is first mounted to the forklift or uninstalled and mounted to a different forklift, the sequence valve may need to be adjusted, since not all forklifts will produce the same pressure.  The sequence valve body contains two adjustments:

  • The "flaps" should close before rotating the bin, if they do not, then the valve on top of the valve body, must be adjusted.  Loosen the jam nut on the socket head screw and using an Allen wrench turn the screw clockwise one quarter turn and then tighten the jam nut making sure the screw is one quarter turn from its previous position.  If necessary repeat the procedure one quarter turn at a time until the ''flaps” close before rotating the bin.   Always remember how much you have turned the screw for future reference.  If you turn the screw too far the bin will not rotate at all.

  • On the return cycle, the "flaps" should stay closed until the bin is in the full upright position.  If they do not, repeat the procedure on the bottom sequence valve.  If you turn the screw too far, the "flaps" will not open after the bin has returned to an upright position.  It is normal to require a little extra throttle to open the "flaps" even when the machine is properly adjusted.

Sometimes the machine will operate an unusual manner and this is usually caused by foreign material in the sequence valves or check valves.  The two check valves and two sequence valves can be easily removed and cleaned.   Turning the large nut at the base of the cartridge counter clockwise will remove it without altering the setting on the adjustment.  The check valves are the other large nuts on the valve body and can be removed as well.