Computer Controlled Shaker Technology

The 1088 logs per tree, per bin, & per row yield info of your orchard!
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Dump your bins ALL the way!

The Schieler Harvester Bin Inverter dumps bins a complete 180°!
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Eliminate Sweeping From Your Almond Orchard!

The Schieler Harvester 1088 can harvest almonds without sweeping!
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Schieler Harvester

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Terra Bella CA 93270

Phone (559) 784-1162

Call or email us for a free demo video today.  Please specify what crops you have and what Schieler Harvester product interests you.


Click on the link below to watch our demo videos of the harvester in action. The videos feature both the 1088 and the previous model 988 harvester. The mechanical structure of the older model is virtually the same as the 1088, however the 1088 has the added features and functionality of the IQAN computer controlled system. This major advancement enhances the harvester to a whole new level of automation.

Click here to watch our Schieler Harvester 988 & 1088 Demonstration videos!