Computer Controlled Shaker Technology

The 1088 logs per tree, per bin, & per row yield info of your orchard!
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Dump your bins ALL the way!

The Schieler Harvester Bin Inverter dumps bins a complete 180°!
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Eliminate Sweeping From Your Almond Orchard!

The Schieler Harvester 1088 can harvest almonds without sweeping!
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Schieler Harvester

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35 Years Of Development And Experience

Schieler Harvester Model 82 This was a modified SSP Harvester model 82. It was purchased by Larry and Darrel Schieler (owners of Schieler Harvester) in 1982. For the 1986 season a cab was added with more modifications and it harvested for the next 6 years. It was then striped to it's frame and built into a model 788 harvester. The same 4 cylinder turbo diesel John Deer engine runs in it today. Darrel is operating the harvester here during the 1985 season.

Here, Darrel and his son Damon are making new modifications to model 82 in Schieler Harvester's factory for the 1985 season. Schieler Harvester Model 82

Schieler Harvester Model 82 This, again, is model 82 being loaded with empty bins by a bin carrier in the 1985 season. Notice there is no manual (timely and costly) labor with Schieler Harvester's tried and proven innovation; the SideTrack. SSP's model 77 and 78, bought by Larry and Darrel Schieler, were retro-fitted with SideTracks in 1977 and 1978 upon their purchase. This has been one of the main advantages Schieler Harvester has maintained over all other harvesters. If you see an imitator, just remember that Schieler Harvester has used,continually updated, and proven the SideTrack.

Here is co-owner Darrel with his father Edgar (Doc) Schieler harvesting the 1985 prune season. Schieler Harvester Model 82

Schieler Harvester Model 87 This is model 87. It began as a half finished frame started by SSP. It was then finished and redesigned with a air-conditioned cab. At one time it was the fastest one man operating tree harvester in the world! Model 87 is still in use today. It's only modification to date is Schieler Harvester's low profile wrap system. Model 87 is owned an operated by Kelly Ivancovich of Terra Bella, CA today.

Here is model 87 with it's SideTrack in view. This SideTrack holds 6 empty bins. The new model 988 harvester holds up to 7 empty bins! Schieler Harvester Model 87

Schieler Harvester Model 788 This is a model 788 harvesting prunes in for the 1995 season. A model 588 Schieler Harvester Bin Carrier is seen in the foreground with Nick Schieler on the operator's platform, waiting to service bins to the harvester.